After importing a model from iges, step or other CAD files, it's necessary to do some cleanup operations. The benefits to repaire model:


Correct errors and simplify model for fast and robust FEA analysis

Allow to mesh model in one operation, such as AutoMesh or Batch Mesh.

For better mesh quality




01 How to use LS-PrePost

What's LS-PrePost?

LS-PrePost is an advanced pre and post-processor that is delivered free with LS-DYNA. The user interface is designed to be both efficient and intuitive.


Why we made this website?

Many users already know the capability of LS-DYNA. We often hear that users asked: How to do the same thing just like you did in the demonstration?

So we plan to let users know "how to do".

This website is the quick way to demonstrate "How to use LS-PrePost". It means that we only focused on the software operation.

---it's the starting website of new users.

For detail information about the LS-DYNA, we suggest you can refer some class, and search from google. You can find the more detail in LS-DYNA.

What's O.S. that LS-PrePost need?

LS-PrePost runs on Windows, Linux, and Macs utilizing OpenGL graphics to achieve fast rendering and XY plotting.


How to registry the usage of LS-PrePost?

Currently is totally free. You don't need to registry. Just download it, install it, use it and enjoy it.

How to get the LS-PrePost?

The latest builds can be downloaded fromLSTC's FTP Site.

If I had question, how to submit my question? Do you have contact information?

There is a users group of LS-PrePost, You can ask the question from LS-PrePost User Group.

We also read this group too. We'll add the information based on users discussion.