After importing a model from iges, step or other CAD files, it's necessary to do some cleanup operations. The benefits to repaire model:


Correct errors and simplify model for fast and robust FEA analysis

Allow to mesh model in one operation, such as AutoMesh or Batch Mesh.

For better mesh quality



LS-PrePost Tutorial


Tutorial is base on LS-PrePost 4.5 version.


This site contains many tutorial of LLS-PrePost, each tutorial has a detailed description of the text and pictures, and each tutorial has a video of the steps, you can choose to watch the video or text as you like.


There are more than 30 tutorial, and according to the function of LS-PrePost is divided into 6 parts, through the operation tutorial you can understand the function of LS-PrePost.


Wish you a happy study.


Users can click the pull down menu at the left side to select the case, there is simple description about it. Selecting “Go To Tutorial”


At the left side pull down menu, there are the steps to complete the tutorial.